The president of the Assembly, Rosa Peñalver, will coordinate the Working Group on Gender Equality of CALRE.

Sevilla, 10 November 2017

With the unanimity of the 74 European autonomous parliaments, coming from 8 countries, which make up the CALRE, the president of the Murcian Parliament has been chosen as coordinator of the Gender Equality Working Group of the Conference of European Regional Legislative Assemblies for 2018.

Grateful and excited, Peñalver has advanced that she will provide all her experience and effort to continue making progresses in Equality. "I have an exciting challenge ahead, with a lot of work and also motivation, because not all the territories and regions of the European Union are at the same level of development on their Equality policies, in fact, according to the latest data, our country has dropped two points in Equality policies ".

European Union Prize for an Educational Innovation Project on Equality, training on Equality of Opportunities, and with a long and active career, which has led her to participate in state laws on Equality and against Gender Violence, Peñalver holds that "It is a pleasure to coordinate a working group representing 74 regional parliaments of the European Union, especially, I am proud because it is the first time that the Regional Assembly of Murcia will be in the center of Europe, coordinating policies that have to do with Equality ", underlined the president of the Autonomous Chamber, Rosa Peñalver.

From January 2018, the president of the Assembly will develop her project and methodology for the Working Group on Gender Equality of CALRE, for which she has invited the 74 European autonomous parliaments to participate.

The election has taken place during the Plenary Assembly of CALRE in the Parliament of Andalusia, where the president of the Legislative Assembly of Azores, Ana Luís, has been elected as president of the 2018 Conference.