The president of the Assembly, Rosa Peñalver, will coordinate the CALRE Working Group on Gender Equality.

Sevilla, 12 November 2017

The Regional Assembly of Murcia will be part of CALRE 2018 team, with the coordination of the Working Group on Gender Equality, which will be carried out by its president, Rosa Peñalver, elected unanimously at the Plenary Assembly of CALRE 2017, held in the Parliament of Andalusia on 9 and 10 November.

First woman to preside the Parliament of Murcia and with great experience in this area, Peñalver thanked the 74 Parliaments that make up CALRE for trusting her career to face this challenge.

In CALRE’s Plenary Assembly, the 2017 conclusions of the Working Group on Gender Equality were also submitted, proposing a great European institutional pact against gender violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation. In her contributions as a member of this Group, Rosa Peñalver stressed that in the Regional Assembly of Murcia, it is a daily fight against microsexism and for gender equality. Microsexism is a regrattable reality in our days, from which politics doesn’t escape. In our Chamber we fight against microsexism by land, sea and air. We take care of administrative language at all levels, which was generic and left women out; and we have a Special Commission against Gender Discrimination and Violence that is developing a very important work, reviewing rules and counting on expert women’s voices to tell us how to detect it and carry out their proposals. In this House, in addition, on November 25, day against Gender Violence, and March 8, Women's Day, are very important days in which we claim together with associations and groups the role and rights of women.