The president of the Assembly, Rosa Peñalver, submits her work plan on Gender Equality in Brussels

Cartagena, 16 March 2018

The president of the Regional Assembly, Rosa Peñalver, has submitted to the Permanent Commission of the Conference of Legislative Assemblies of the European Union, her work plan for the Group on Gender Equality that she coordinates, in which 15 parliaments participates, coming from Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

During her speech, Peñalver detailed the main lines of her action plan, which will focus on two issues of special relevance: the wage gap today, as well as the risk of social exclusion of older women in the future and gender violence.

With different intensity and degree, the wage gap is a reality in all the European Union countries , which can be appreciated in terms of salaries, incomes and pensions. Peñalver warned of the risk of social exclusion of older women in not a very long term, to maintain the wage gap, so she insisted on: "It is of social justice that women earn the same and have the same benefits as men, in equal conditions, therefore it is a priority that the legislative assemblies address these issues. The impact of this unfortunate situation goes further, and since we do not promote preventive measures immediately, in a decade we will find a greater proportion of older women at risk of poverty and social exclusion ".

Regarding gender violence, the latest published reports point to a scourge in continuous growth, also among the youngest, in its multiple manifestations: physical, psychological and labor abuse, genital mutilation, rape or trafficking in human beings.

For the sharing of work in the territories and exchange of good practices, the Group on Gender Equality will meet in the Legislative Assembly of the Azores on April 27, and in the Regional Assembly of Murcia on October 5 and 6. The conclusions of these meetings will be sent to all European institutions, in order to serve as an effective instrument for the European Union in achieving the objectives set to combat inequality between women and men.

The Working Group on Gender Equality of CALRE 2018 is composed of 15 parliaments from Europe: the Parliament of the French Community of Belgium, the Parliament of Wallon and the Parliament of Vlaams, the three of them from Belgium. The Parliament of Lombardy, from Italy; and the Assembly of the Azores Islands, from Portugal, which holds the presidency of CALRE.

From Spain, take part: Parliament of Extremadura; Courts of Aragón; Courts of Castilla and León; Basque Parliament; Parliament of the Balearic Islands; Parliament of the Canary Islands; Parliament of Cantabria; Parliament of Galicia; Parliament of Navarra and Parliament of Andalusia.