María Ángeles Durán will deepen into the role of "Women and men in the Spanish economy"María Ángeles Durán Heras, Professor in Sociology and Professor 'ad honorem' at CSIC, will open the workshops of the Group on Gender Equality of CALRE , -Conference of the Regional Legislative Assemblies of Europe-, with her open conference "Women and men in the Spanish economy ". 

The professor in Sociology and researcher, National Award of Sociology and Political Science, and National Research Award for Social, Economic and Legal Sciences, Pascual Madoz, will deliver the opening lecture of the meeting at 8 pm in the Conference Room of the Working Group on Gender Equality of the European Parliaments, CALRE.

Durán has a long research and teaching career, characterized by opening new research channels such as unpaid work, social situation of women, and their social and work environment, care economy and inequality in the use of time. Among her countless professional merits, it is worth noting that she was the first woman to achieve a Proffesorship in Sociology in Spain, in 1982; and was one of the first researchers to carry out works with a feminist bias in the Spanish academic world. Doctor honoris causa by three universities, María Ángeles Durán has also collaborated with organizations such as the International Labour Organization or the United Nations Development Program, and has written more than two hundred papers about unpaid employment, time and inequality.

At the meeting of the CALRE Group on Gender Equality, -Conference of the Regional Legislative Assemblies-, coordinated by the President of the Regional Assembly, Rosa Peñalver, take part the President of the Parliament of Andalusia, Juan Pablo Durán; the president of the Parliament of the Canary Islands and president of COPREPA -Conference of autonomous parliaments-, Carolina Darias; the president of the Parliament of Cantabria, María Dolores Gorostiaga; the president of the Assembly of Extremadura, Blanca Martín; and the president of the Parliament of the Balearic Islands, Baltasar Picornell.

A large delegation from the Parliament of Cantabria, made up of the first Vice-President, María Rosa Valdés; the spokesperson for Podemos Parliamentary Group, Verónica Ordóñez; and the deputies María Isabel Urrutia (Popular Parliamentary Group), Silvia Abascal, (Socialist Parliamentary Group), and Matilde Ruiz (Regionalist Parliamentary Group), also attend the workshop in the Regional Assembly.