Sara de la Rica, 'Basque Economist 2018', closes the conferences of the Group on Equality of CALRESara de la Rica, Professor of Economics at the University of the Basque Country and associate researcher at FEDEA, Foundation for Applied Economics Studies, as well as at other international centers, recently awarded with the 'Basque Economist 2018- Ekonomistak Saria 2018' for her studies on topics of special social relevance, has closed the serie of conferences of experts in gender perspective, within the meeting of the Working Group on Equality of the Conference of Regional Legislative Assemblies of Europe, CALRE, held in the Assembly.

The speaker has suggested a wide number of initiatives to be implemented in different areas of political and social life, with the aim of eradicating gender gaps. Among the proposed measures are equal, non-transferable and successive maternity and paternity leave; the rationalization of working hours, with short working days; greater social awareness of new masculinities; oversight and penalty of gender discrimination in the company, with the requirement of greater transparency regarding salaries and inspection; blind curriculum promotion in early hiring stages; and education in equality.